How can you get a TripAdvisor #CertificateOfExcellence every year? #JustAddUX.

User Experience (UX) is generally associated with the software industry. It is also sometimes perceived as an essential approach to software development. While all this is true, it is a serious underestimation of the true power of UX. UX can be applied to any experience in any industry. In this blog, I’ll be zooming a bit into the tourism industry.

How can you get a certificate of excellence for every year of operations?

Snippet from the official TripAdvisor announcement email

When I founded Colour My Travel back in 2013, many asked me why I was venturing in tourism…even to the extent of establishing a startup company. My background is purely technical and I have always specialised in Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. The reason and motivation behind starting Colour my Travel was that I believed that tourists were not benefitting from meaningful experiences when exploring the Maltese Islands.

As I saw it, there wasn’t another way of creating effective tourism products without applying the very principles of UX Design that we generally employ in software development. By making simple changes to the process and applying it to tourism, we gave birth to really cool tours concepts in Malta such as the local Free Walking Tours and Ghost Tours amongst others. In different entries of this blog, I will be focusing on specific tools that made this possible.

At this stage, I can confirm that the approach works seamlessly. Our TripAdvisor Page shows that people are loving what we are offering and Colour My Travel was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for every year of operations. Whichever your case, rest assured that all this can be replicated.

Your responsibility is just one…making sure that UX is your culture and strategy of your organisation.

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