Get started with Computer Vision

User expectations of cameras are now beyond simply snapping a photo or capturing a moment on video. Whether we’re explicitly aware or not, cameras are an integral interaction medium in our technologically enhanced experiences.

Augmented reality, augmented virtuality, computational photography (and filters), image search, animoji, facial recognition, object detection, object recognition and much more.  The list of computer vision enabled interactions is growing and this is just the start.

Below, on SlideShare, follows a very simple and easy tutorial I compiled for those who wish to start venturing in this exciting area.  This deck introduces Computer Vision through OpenCV, using Python.  It’s an introduction…let me know what you’d like to explore and I will prepare new content 😉 (PS: Scroll down for links and resources)


And if you like the photo of the Duomo of Florence that I took last October and used in these slides, you may find it here 🙂


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