The 5 key UX steps behind the award winning startup Intact

Every idea can be a great idea. It all depends on how you nurture it and patiently you explore its holistic user experience design. Yes, it takes time. Another comment I often receive as well is that initial design artefacts look babyish and can be seen as a waste of time. Besides the fact that … Continue reading The 5 key UX steps behind the award winning startup Intact

VR in Heritage: A UX-driven Approach

We all had that one time, at least, where we wished we could fly to explore somewhere like never before.  How is this thought even triggered? When we experience a space, we conceptually plot an exploratory path around the space.  Certain cues ignite sparks in our brains that trigger emotions such as curiosity and inquisition. … Continue reading VR in Heritage: A UX-driven Approach

First Dates and UX Design

Experiences are all differently the same.  While each experience is unique in itself, there attributes that make every experience the same. Let’s start by first thinking about food and love…well, what else could you possibly need?  More particularly, let’s think about a first date.  It goes something like this:  You make a reservation at a … Continue reading First Dates and UX Design

The Growing Internet of Things

I have been following this emerging field of research for the past 5 years.  The figures presented by leading contributors such as Gartner and IEEE were always fascinating. As expected, every new annual report never repeated the figures presented in the previous year.  However, the predicted rate of growth was always secured.  Over the years, more researchers … Continue reading The Growing Internet of Things